How to Maintain Relevance Among Real-time Payments:

Key Criteria for Credit Unions Seeking a Real-Time Technology Partner

Going Real-Time With Connect2Core

In the dynamic realm of modern banking and instant payments, SWIVEL emerges as the catalyst for a paradigm shift with its real-time data posting solution, Connect2Core. As account holder expectations soar for immediate, accurate, and financial information, SWIVEL stands as the answer to empower financial Institutions.

Legacy systems struggle to keep up, but SWIVEL’s Innovative approach with Connect2Core ensures seamless integration, offering instant access to crucial data posting capabilities. This isn’t just about meeting market demands—it’s about gaining a competitive edge, enhancing experiences, and maintaining a stellar reputation.

Explore how SWIVEL used key criteria to transform payment dynamics in a recent case study, showcasing the power of real-time data posting in action. Embrace the future with  Connect2Core, where precision meets efficiency, setting the stage for a new era in banking excellence.