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Our Network of Integration Partners

Our Network of Integration Partners

SWIVEL understands the needs of today’s financial institutions and offers specialized solutions that support their account holders, as well as providing efficient solutions across the institution’s various departments and teams.

We also pride ourselves on partnering with industry leaders in the technology integration space to provide seamless and cutting-edge solutions for our clients. Our expertise lies in leveraging the power of technology to streamline financial processes and enhance SWIVEL’s Transaction Enablement ™ experience.

These strategic partnerships empower us to offer a wide range of functions and services that cater to the specific needs of our clients, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored solution.

Our partnerships with technology integrators ensure that our solutions remain agile and adaptable in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. We constantly collaborate with our partners to stay ahead of the curve, incorporating the latest advancements and ensuring that our clients always have access to the most innovative and efficient tools available.

New Account Funding

With our advanced technology and our integration partners, we empower your account holders to effortlessly fund new accounts through secure ACH or card transactions. Through these partnerships, we offer the advantage of leveraging existing systems rather than relying on multiple third-party processors. This streamlines the account funding process, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring a smoother onboarding experience for your valuable account holders. With these innovative solutions, your financial institution can provide a seamless and user-friendly new account funding process, further strengthening account holders trust and loyalty.

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*currently offers card only

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Digital Payments | Home Banking

Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with partner platforms, offering account holders of financial institutions the convenience of making loan payments directly within the home banking application. With single sign-on functionality, account holders can effortlessly initiate payments from these trusted partners, eliminating the need to navigate to separate platforms. This enhanced user experience not only reduces delinquent payments but also encourages greater utilization of the home banking features, fostering account holder engagement and loyalty. By providing such streamlined and user-friendly services, your financial institution stays competitive in the marketplace, ensuring improved user retention and continued customer satisfaction. Embrace the future of digital banking and empower your account holders with hassle-free loan payment options.

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System Integrations

Our integration with Jack Henry’s Symitar facilitates seamless integration with your financial institution’s core banking system, empowering staff members and agents to initiate payments directly from within the platform. By eliminating the need to navigate outside the core system, accounts are resolved faster, enhancing efficiency, and improving account holder retention. With payments posting back to the system upon completion, the process is streamlined and ensures accurate transaction records. Furthermore, data pre-population significantly reduces keystrokes, enabling a more time-efficient and convenient experience for your team. Embrace the future of banking technology and unlock the potential for unparalleled operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Experience the convenience of single sign-on, enabling users and agents to access loan repayment options seamlessly within the collections software platform, without the need to step outside the solution. This integration ensures fast and easy access, with each payment automatically posted back into the collections platform, reducing manual data entry and minimizing key strokes. Enjoy a streamlined and user-friendly experience, optimizing operations for a swift and efficient repayment process.

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Payment Reminder Solutions

Our integration with Eltropy provides your account holders with real-time communication capabilities via text message, to encourage on-time payments. This service enables a frictionless payment process allowing account holders to self-serve at their convenience, leading to faster payment collection and more on-time payments. With SWIVEL’s secure platform, account holders can make a payment from their checking or savings account, or with a credit or debit card.

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Learn more about Transaction Enablement™

Our innovative platform, along with our integration partners, seamlessly connects with your financial institution’s existing core platforms and systems to provide efficient payment origination, increased transaction quality, and fewer exceptions, from front-end originations to back-end reconciliation.