Interactive Voice Response

Your time is valuable. Spend it on something worth it!

Customer service calls average 7 minutes, and that adds up when your team handles multiple calls a day. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution allows financial institutions to accept payments 24/7 through an automated telephone system and provides an alternative payment method for account holders to self-serve. With IVR, your agents can say goodbye to lengthy call durations.

24/7 Agent-Free Payments at Your Fingertips.
Dynamic Natural Language Processing
Automated Payments 24/7
Securely Hosted

Benefits Of Implementing IVR

Increased Performance

Increased Account Holder Satisfaction

Save time. Save money. Integrate IVR.

24/7 Support

Accepts payments 24/7/365, even
on weekends and holidays.

Natural Language Processing

With higher quality voice recognition and support for English and Spanish, our AI technology understands and interprets conversational inputs from humans via voice and touch-tone.

Machine Learning

Powered by machine learning, IVR uses artificial intelligence (AI), bringing algorithms and models that allow computers to learn from data to make predictions and decisions without explicit programming. It involves designing and implementing systems that can automatically learn and improve from experience.

Lady Utilizing Interactive voice response

Securely Hosted

Your IVR is segmented for PCI Compliance so all payment information is protected.

Seamless Validation Experience

Provides an account holder experience that is smooth and efficient, insuring your financial institution with a higher rate of happy clients.

Featured Case Study

Financial Center First Credit Union

For 66 years, Financial Center First Credit Union (Financial Center First) has been serving its members and the community of Central Indiana. Learn how Financial Center First realized a 161% increase in transactions funded through self-serve channels by partnering with SWIVEL.

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IVR/Call Center

SWIVEL offers an efficient and convenient Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) service that enables financial institutions to accept payments 24/7 via an automated telephone system. With dynamic Natural Language Processing and secure hosting, the IVR service provides a seamless validation experience, managed for low IT involvement.

IVR can reduce call volume and offer an alternative payment method for members to self-serve. The more people use it, the more the language model benefits everyone.