Back to the Basics:  Steps to Take to Improve Users’ Online Payment Experience

Pay Online

In today’s technology-driven business world, it can be easy to overlook some of the simplest methods of ensuring a superb customer experience while making a payment. And often, it’s actually some basic fundamentals that are the true cornerstones of an online payment process that is appreciated and eagerly employed by its users. Navigating to the […]

Humanizing The CX in OMNICHANNEL Banking

Swivel Customer Services lady Laughing

A strong customer relationship stands as the greatest asset for community banks and credit unions. That distinct affinity is so valuable that fintechs and large banks are spending billions of dollars to emulate the kind of emotional connections and personalized relationships smaller banks and CUs have in spades. Meanwhile, those same smaller financial institutions feel […]

Opportunities for Humanization to Make a Difference During Final Pay Offs

Couple Paying Mortgage online with SWIVEL's Platform

There are few things more financially fulfilling than fully paying off a vehicle loan, personal loan or a mortgage. In fact, these often budget-busting monthly payments are so central to the lives of both consumers and businesses, that it’s often an experience to login online and make that final payment only to receive a typical […]