Humanizing the CX in Omnichannel Banking

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A strong customer relationship stands as the greatest asset for community banks and credit unions. That distinct affinity is so valuable that fintechs and large banks are spending billions of dollars to emulate the kind of emotional connections and personalized relationships smaller banks and CUs have in spades. Meanwhile, those same smaller financial institutions feel […]

Humanizing The Digital Experience

Humanizing The Digital Experience

By Ray Birch SAN ANTONIO—It’s time credit unions begin to “humanize the digital experience,” according to SWBC, especially when they do things that deserve a little congratulations. And what that means, the company said, is finding ways to digitally touch members throughout their product and service journeys—just as if they walked into a branch and […]

Economic Trends Hasten Transition to Digitization

Economic TrendsHasten Transition to Digitization

As we consider the future of digital technology in the financial sector, it is important to take stock of the economic conditions that will play a role in accelerating or slowing the inexorable trend toward digitization. In this article we will look at both the secular and cyclical economic trends that will have an impact. […]