Humanizing The Digital Experience

June 25, 2023

By Ray Birch

SAN ANTONIO—It’s time credit unions begin to “humanize the digital experience,” according to SWBC, especially when they do things that deserve a little congratulations.

And what that means, the company said, is finding ways to digitally touch members throughout their product and service journeys—just as if they walked into a branch and were congratulated for a special event.

For example, SWBC said such humanization could begin the moment members tap their keyboards to make their final electronic car loan payment, with the CU sending a nice message recognizing the member for now owning their vehicle.

“It’s important that credit unions harness key humanization opportunities that build new relationships and strengthen current ones,” said Jason O’Brien, CEO of SWIVEL, a payments arm of SWBC.

O’Brien added there are many, growing opportunities to do just that, including via payments channels….


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