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Enable Your

Account Holders

Account Holders

SWIVEL helps your borrowers stay on top of their financial obligations with tools that streamline the payments process. Happier account holders means happier financial institutions! Learn more about SWIVEL, an integrated transaction enablement platform.


Man looking at the phone

Account Holders

To pay the way that’s most convenient and intuitive for them.

With IVR (Interactive Voice Response), borrowers can call and make payments easily. Our IVR uses Dynamic Natural Language Processing that gets smarter over time and learns more with each call.

Account holders will enjoy a convenient payment experience, using our white-labeled self serve payment portal via mobile, desktop or tablet.

Account holders can enjoy instant posting at their branch, or make cash payments at any of the 40,000 MoneyGram(R) locations across the country.

Transaction Teams

To optimize their efforts so time can be better spent where needed.

SWIVEL’s Administrative Portal, AutoPilot(TM), helps call centers process payments no matter how they are associated with the Financial Institution. Teams can access accounts easily through the Autopilot software and make the payments for consumers.

We work with your financial institution to reduce delinquencies and costly collections by providing borrowers with convenient self-serve payment options along with helpful payment reminders.

The digital experience improves the transaction experience for borrowers and account holders with financial organizations. This leads to increased customer retention, cross-selling opportunities, and potential for indirect borrowers to become valued account holders.

Staff Transaction Portal


By providing numerous integration options, SWIVEL reduces your financial institution’s overhead and cuts down on costly software integrations and network maintenance.

Software Integrations

We offer APIs and SDKs that may help your firm deploy transaction experiences within your own proprietary technologies.


We supply user integrations that enhance the user experience and add value to your company’s offerings. We’ll determine specific goals and objectives, what products or services will be integrated, and establish timelines for implementation.


Through our resources and tools, we can support numerous integration options and help to enhance the user experience, while increasing the value of your company’s offerings.

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